Dear Reader:

    First of all, I would like to point out the fact that my website may be a bit hard for you to understand. I can accept the fact that it can be hard to understand, because there is a movement right now in white aryan circles that says the exact opposite about whites. They say that whites are the true Jews. Upon learning this I found it very hard to come to grips with. The only reason I say this is because there is more evidence that shows whites the gentiles, not being Jews, than blacks being the gentiles. Blacks, as a whole, dont go around saying that they are Jews. Most dont even know that they are the descendants of the biblical tribe of Judah. Blacks in America are a lost people. They dont really know who they are. All evidence of thier heritage has been lost. If you ask an African American where his ancestors come from he will usually name a southern state like Mississippi, Georgia, or Louisianna. More often than not he will never name Africa. If he does name Africa, if you ask him, he will not know what tribe, or where in Africa he comes from. This is because our heritage, as a people, was stolen; it was taken and wiped away from our memory. To this day, I dont know what tribe I came from in Africa, but I do know that my people are the remnant of those Jews that fled from the destruction of Israel in 70 A.D. Most of those true Jews who fled from destruction, went to West Africa, where they lived until their decendants were captured in the slave trade and brought to America. Consistantly, throughout the law and the prophets of the bible, the evidence supporting this claim comes up. African Americans are a lost people. This can be seen in the bible when Jesus says that He was sent to the lost tribe of Israel. That lost tribe was Judah, or what is today the African American nation. The majority of those who are African American do not know this.

    On the other had, if you ask a white person where his ancestors are from they will tell you the exact place. they will say, "Well, my father is Irish, and my mother is German." Often times they will also know what those people did in Ireland and Germany. Their heritage is not lost. This was on of the curses that God sent upon the nation of Judah. God said that he would cause our heritage to cease from amoung men. African Americans have no heritage from before slavery, but our roots run deep in to Africa and Israel.

    I wrote this webpage for whites and blacks to realize how much they have been tricked into thinking that whites are those righteous people who wrote the bible. I want all my viewers to know that this is far from the truth, however painful it may be.
Nonetheless, it is very crucial for all people to know that everyone, white, black, red, and yellow, to know that if they believe in Christ, then they are redeemed through Christ; and thus all Christians are made brothers and sisters in God:

"Concerning His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh;
And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the Spirit of holiness, by the resurection from the dead: By whom we have received grace and apostleship, for obedience to the fatih amoung all nations, for his name:" Romans 1: 4-5

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth. To the Jew first, and also to the Greek." Romans 1: 16

Now, do you see that the Greek is a Gentile? Whites gain their heritage as started by the Greeks. You go to any major college, and you will find that Greek and Roman history will be the main hisotrical cirriculum taught. Jewish, African, and Asian historical studies are amoung the least studied in universities across this nation, thuis being hscarcely taught by white professors which outnumber those of color.Why? Because the greek culture is where white culture began to emerge in the ancient period.  Paul is saying that slvation is for everyone who believes, to the Jew (a blackman) first and then to the Greek(whiteman). There are only two opposing nations, black and white; yen and yang. Why didnt Paul include any other nation? Because all nations fall under one of these categories.

"for their is no respect of persons with God." Romans 2:11

It is important to know that you, being white or black, are redeemed by God through His mercy by Christ Jesus. It was good that Pilate, even though he found no blame in Jesus, crucified him so that all nations can be united by him. In God it is important to know that all men are same. It is important to know that even though African American blacks are the Jews spoken of in the bible, all men who believes in God, are chosen of God. So it really doesnt matter if youre black or white. You may be asking yourself, "Well then why have you made this website?"

I made the website, because I felt the need in my spirit to inform the blackman of who he really is. I feel the African American community needs to realize who they are in God. After centuries of discrimination, hatred, poverty, and lies, they need to realize that they are God's special people. For so many years whites have claimed that they were the chosen people to be the leaders of the world. This mind set can be found in the majority as opposed to the minority of whites in America and European countries. This is because of the false portrayal of Jesus being white, and God's people being white. Moreover, this also comes from the false portrayal of everything being bad and evil as black. To dispell the lies, to correct the mistakes, and to reprove the fallacies of church religious race belief. God has called the African American to lead His church, because we have eyes in the spirit realm. African American are blessed with the gift of sight. They can dispell the wicked from the righteous.

All are gathered unto Christ who believes; white, black or purple, but I wrote this web site for those who need understanding about what role we as blacks play in the eyes of God. We really are the people of God. Christ came so that all people can be the people of God, but we were his people before he came; and I wanted to teach people that. for years I was distraught because I couldnt understand why blacks were poor and whites were rich. I couldnt understand why whites got all the best  houses, cars, acting jobs, best grades, better schooling, and financial resources. I became mad at god becuase he had clearly chosen whites over blacks!!! Or had he? Or was it me who was twisted in my thinking? I began to ask God why. I also asked him what role black play in God. I asked him to show me who we are as a people. now, years later, after much study, I have finaly found out. I feel that I am to tell all those other blacks who feel as discouraged as I was. To inform them that we are blessed, and that God is going to reestablish us as leaders in this nation. SO for all those who are offended at what I have written, please dont be, I have dont it for the purpose of exortation, not to break down. I feel my people need to know.

God bless you.....