Were the ancient Egyptians black?

"When you set in western lightland, Earth is in darkness as if in death"

--The Great Hymn to the Aten (Lichtheim)


        This subject has caused alot of controversy amongst scholars. All too often you find one faction of the historical institution saying that the Ancient "Egyptians" weren't black, but a mixed people.  On the other hand, you find the opposing faction of the historical institution saying that the people of Ancient Egypt, which the original people of the land called Kemet (Kmt), meaning "the black land,'' were a black people, much like those in the African American nation of today. If you are on the outside looking in, like alot of us are, you could quickly say that this debate is one sect's word against another sect's word. In the midst of all this confusion and debate, there must be some truth somewhere right? Well, since I am black, I tend to favor, of course, the black side, but close observation of what both sides are screaming about will reveal the truth. We must look at the evidence that surrounds Egypt.

        First and foremost, it must be known that the mainstream historical institution is racist, taught from a point of view that views blacks as, well, incapable of building such a great society as ancient KMT, and therefore must have had some kind of "white" outside influence. Well, this is, in part, half true. Blacks, contrary to popular beliefs, have a very vast intellectual capacity, and they are more than able to build, maintain and prosper superpowers, but they did have a "white" outside influence. The outside influence was not aiding the, yes, blacks of Egypt(Kmt) in building the civilization, but the influence came by  war and a thirst for wisdom.

    It is in my understanding that war had alot to do with the changing race colors of the land. Kmt was the dominant power of world at the height of its prosperity. It was as America is now. Kmt had a very strong black identity as does America have a very strong white identity. But as Kmt began to decline, different nations started to inhabit the land, thus declining it's identity. Lets start with Assyria. Assyria conquered Kmt, and when it did, many men were carried away captive and many Assyrians occupied Kmt. Now we all know that Assyria was a "white" empire. It would be considered white in modern times. The Assyrians were a mixed race of people, but its main race was "white". Assyria was a white version of Babylon, being a people mixed with the original black Babylonians ( Gen 10: 8-11) and the Hittites. The Hittites were a well know white nation of "heathen" or "gentile" people who originated in Anatolia or  Turkey near the famous Caucus mountains. They came southward and conquered parts Babylon, thus mixing with the people. This is how Babylon itself became lighter in complexion. The Hittites, who then entered into Babylon, formed their own nation or empire called Assyria and when the nations united it was called Mesopotamia, its capital government being in Assyria:

"Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord. And the beginnings of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar (notice the scriptures don't say that Asshur was the beginning of his kingdom, but came out his kingdom. This tells the reader that Nimrod's people, who founded Babylon, never governed the people of Assyria(Asshur), but out of his kingdom came Asshur. This can be seen in history when the Hittites conquered parts of Babylon, and out of it they went north to form Asshur (Assyria)   ). Out of that land went forth Asshur, and builded Nineveh...." Genesis 10: 10-11

        Notice how the bible equates the father of Assyria as being associated with Ham's black grandson, Nimrod, and not the people of the Hittites. Why? Maybe because the bible originally had a black or Afrocentric point of view. Possible? Anyway, these Hittites rose to power and conquered Kmt in its decline. This conquest is one of the main reasons why scholars begin to see white or light skinned complexioned people in Kmt. Usually what happened in ancient conquests was the spoiling of a nations riches, the captivity of its people, and the raping of its women. Although I don't think the Kemetites raped women very much, leaving that practice to the barbarian "gentile" nations. Please don't quote me on this, I could be wrong, but I have never read nor heard such a Kemetite practice. At any rate, Kemet became light in skin color over time through conquests and the lessening of its men. The bible backs this up with a prophecy:

"The word of the Lord came again unto me, saying, Son of man, prophesy and say, Thus saith the Lord God; Howl ye, Woe worth the day! For the day is near, even the day of the Lord is near, a cloudy day; it shall be the time of the heathen (the words "gentile" and "heathen" in the bible usually referred to light skinned nations, meaning that Kmt was on the decline. Also implying that Kmt, nor its allies: Ethiopia, Israel, ect, were not heathens as well. If Kmt was a heathen race, then why did the Bible say that it will be the time of the heathen when Kmt is conquered? The bible associates heathens and gentiles to white races in that time. I'll write more on this later.). And the sword shall come upon Egypt, and great pain shall be in Ethiopia (notice how Egypt and Ethiopia are used interchangeably), when the slain shall fall in Egypt, and they shall take away her multitude, and her foundations shall be broken down. Ethiopia....and the men of the land that is in league, shall fall with them by the sword...And they shall be desolate in the midst of the countries that are desolate, and her cities shall be in the midst of the cities that are wasted... Thus saith the Lord God; I will also make the multitude of Egypt to cease (meaning the true people of that land to be no more. This could be argued, but If Kmt had no more multitude it would be a ghost town, God is talking about its original people) by the hand of Nebudchadrezzar king of Babylon. He and his people with him, the terrible of nations, shall be brought to destroy the land: and they shall draw their swords against Egypt, and fill the land with the slain." Ezekiel 30: 1-11

    This same prophesy can be seen in the book of Isaiah, but the only difference is that Isaiah says that Assyria is coming against it. Notice how Assyria and Babylon are used interchangeably. So then, the conquest of Kmt by Assyria caused a great deal of lightened skin because the scripture says that Kmt's multitudes were slain and carried away. Many men of  Assyria had to begin occupying the land, because the inhabitants were "carried away" (slavery). I shortened the whole prophesy but it goes on to talk about how the men of Kmt were going to fall by the sword. This leaves only one type of person, females, who were then carried off in chains. This marks the first lightening of the essentially black skinned Kemetite, although its black identity would live on until after the time of the Greeks.

    Speaking of the Greeks, they also conquered Kmt, naming it Egypt after the worship of an Kemetite god, Ptah. Alexander the great was an advocate for mixing races. Now we all can agree that he was a white man. He is credited for spreading Hellenism (Greek identity) throughout all the lands he conquered. He openly advocated to his male soldiers and generals to marry the women and produce children, thus diluting or changing the color of those civilizations they conquered. I believe he did this for two reasons, to increase the spread of Hellenistic popularity as an identity in foreign lands and people of color, and to lighten the skin of people of color so that they will be more greek like in features. Now everyone knows that if a male mixes with a woman that is another culture or race, then 9 times out of 10 the children of  that race will be influenced by the fathers culture. This, I believe was Alexander's campaign. Alexander the great knew he was making history, and that this is why he spread Hellenism. Now, in his conquests one of the regions he conquered was Kmt, and I especially believe that his policy of race mixing applied greatly to Kmt. The "european" men interbred with the dark black women of that region, thus lightening the skin. This was around 400 to 300 bc, and Kmt has long since declined. So, Kmt was still black even during the conquest of Alexander the Great. His intermixing policy can be seen throughout Russia, and the middle east. I believe that Russians, Hungarians, Yugoslavians, and Romanians are all direct descendants of the blood line of Alexander the Great, his armies, and his campaign to spread white blood into the lands he conquered. Even though most European scholars know this is true, they will never admit it.

    Besides the interbreeding Kmt has been conquered by many other light-skinned nations in its decline. It has suffered at the hands of the Romans and the Muslims, which now occupy the land. I feel that too many euro-historians are looking just at the people Egypt represent today. I feel they look at the people who occupy the land even now and say, "These are the people from thousands of years ago." It is very important to point out that the people of Egypt are very different in skin tone and culture than the people of Kmt. The people who currently occupy the region are not the anscetors of those people who lived in ancient Kmt. This must be known and told. All too often you watch A&E or the History channel and the stories about Kmt are told from a very white and eurocentric point of view. These shows depict a people much like the people who occupy the nation now, often showing the ancient pictures of light skinned, almost white people, and hardly never showing the more abundant pictures of dark black Kemetites:

(notice the oval shaped head and pointy nose of the Kemeties, the so called "Egyptian." This defeats the once popular view that Negroid races only have flat noses and small lips. The fact is evident that all African peoples have features of many different kinds. This can easily be seen in the African American nation. This picture is almost Nubian in nature, yet its Kemetian.)


    I believe television shows like these depict the Kemetites like this because the historic institution, which is always meshed politically with the European and American government, fear, almost inately, that history might repeat itself and give birth to a very powerful black superpower, as was Kmt and Ksh (Kush). The white American historical and political  establishment believe almost fanatically that life imitates art, and if they can show and target those very late elements of Eygpt that were white, they could influence those that read or saw its depiction into thinking that the black superpower of Kmt was a white one; thus nullifying the possiblity of history repeating itself to give birth to a black superpower. The white historical movement was only created to influence those minds that read and study into thinking that the only great achievements and civilizations that ever occured were white. This is done in an almost inherent fear that a black nation will one day rise up and rule. I believe, personally, that the reality of a new and modern black superpower is very real and inevitable, being only a matter of time. This is why you never hear much about those nations that ruled and conquered the white superpowers such as Gangus Kahn, who conquered Rome, and Hannibal from Africa who capitalized on countless victories. The white historical institution as a whole down plays the achievements of those nations of color, in order to influence the minds of  people into thinking that only the white naitons achieve mass kingdoms and thrones, which is an extreme historical contrary. All one has to do is learn about the history in high school cirriculum to know what Im saying is true. I call the historical institution and establishment of Edom, or the white nations of the earth, primarily America, "the great propaganda system." This system fathers the believe that with history, one can influence the future of national growth and outcome, which in many cases prove to be true. This is why white Eurocentric historians try so feverishly to dispell and discredit those teachings of African American professors that teach an Afrocentric or Asiatic view of history. This is done to no avail, because the masses of black students, like myself, are being educated by the teachings of these books and professors. The white populus may never know, and that is very well okay, but the black populus is being learned at a very accelerated and almost ubiquitious rate. This is the only and ultimate goal of all those who teach the Afrocentric view. You find that all these scholars want to do is educate the black populus, a goal that has long since been fulfilled. My generation, which are the black students of history and religion, not just college students, are the most enlightened and educated generation of the black populus, because we know the tircks and devices of the great propoganda system, as it relates to the masses and the government. This, I sense, scares the government and the establishment itself. Until I came to this campus, I never knew what role the black nations played in history, but as I began to take courses and learn that what was being taught was a deviation of the truth, I began to educate self; something the majority of my generation, college or not, are doing spontaeously.

        The thirst for knowledge was the main reason why most people came to Kmt. It again can be compared to America, where many foreign people come to America to study, because it is famed for its great educational institutions. Well this can be attributed to Kmt as well. It set up what is called called "mystery schools" by the Greeks, indeed the first universities ever.  In the these universities they taught Divine Law, in which every temple (universites) had vast libraries complete with thousands of scrolls on law, government, medicine, astronomy, astrology, mathematics(even geometry, and calculus), religion, and of course philosophy. Greeks came from everywhere trying to learn the vast knowledge that Kmt had. Although this is feverishly and ardently attacked by eurocentric historians, Kmt was the forefather of all knowledge namely that knowledge that made Greece and Rome so great. This knowledge would be philosophy and mathematics, namely geometry.
Note: I once read a book that refutes the fact that geometry was never practiced by the Kemetians, but this cannot be true, because there is no way the people of Kmt could have built the pyramids, which were designed and engineered thousands of years before the appearance of the Hittites or the Greeks. This writing is just another plot that tries to lead astray readers into thinking that the Kemetians were not smart enough to build such structures. But I feel that this book only validates that the people of Kmt were black, because the author tried feverishly to make the reader believe that Kmt couldn't do such a thing. This is certainly not true as pyramids are found throughout Kush, a place which most eurocentric historians doesn't dispute the fact that it was Negroid; black.
Anyway, these schools attracted Greeks which had to settle in Kmt to learn. It took 20 years to graduate from, and some of its famous students were:

1.    Plato (Temple of Waset)= 11 year student
2.    Aristotle: 11-13 year student
3.    Euclid= 11 year student
4.    Hypocrates= 20 years

Other Greeks who studied at The Temple of Waset were Diodorus who in his writing bears witness that he got his wisdom from Kmt. Others include Solon, Thales, Archimides, Pythagorus of the european famed Pythagoream Therom, which allows a student to find the length a triangle (pyramid),and Euripides. All these men came to Kmt to learn and to take what was learned to Grecce and apply them. This is widely disputed, but if you think rationally for one minuet you would realize that there is great validity to this afrocentric view of history. How could a man, such as Hypocrates learn in Kmt for 20 years, going back to Greece after he has graduated, and not apply what he has learned? This goes the same for the rest of the men who studied in Kmt. I will elaborate more on this in the section about Kemetian influence on Greeks.

"Just like Greeks in Egypt learning something deep from their teachers." Nas ; from the rap LP  "I am." Found in the song
"Nas is like."  (Nas has never been to college, yet he has a vast knowledge of History, knowing  thouroughly the teachings of true historic Afrocentrism. This just further backs my sayings about my generation being the most knowledgeable about Afrocentric history, even those black students, who teach themselves, such as Nas. Notice the cover of his picture and how he equates himself with an Kemetite pharoah, and African identity. Notice, also how closely he resembles the pharoah Tut.)

    After knowing all this it is hard to refute the fact that Kmt was a center for knowledge, and that all cultures, primarily Greek, came to it for the many gifts it possessed. If all these Greeks came to Kmt to study for all those years, then it would be impossible to throw out the very real possibility that these men mixed with the Kemetian women, and vice-versa. Im willing to speculate that after 11 to 20 years in Kmt, the men of Greece became aroused and at some point had sexual relations with Kemetian women. These relations most likely, in many cases, produced an offspring. I am not claiming that the men I just named did this, but it is known that hundreds of thousands of Greeks came to Kmt to learn.

"The fact of the matter is that the famous, well known Greeks (Europeans), whom we study and revere in school curricula today, all studied at the feet of the ancient Eygptians--Africans in the Nile Valley, Kemet. For example, Plato studied at the Temple of Waset for 11 years; Aristotle was there for 11-13 years; Euclid stayed for 10-11 years, Hypocrates studied there for 20 years; .....Indeed, the Greeks, St. Clement of Alexandria, once said that if you were to write a book of 1000 pages, you would not be able to put down the names of all the Greeks who went to Kemet to be educated and even those who did not, claimed they went because it was prestigious."  Not Out of Greece, Dr. Kwame Nantambu

((On the right you have an Egyptian or Kemetite(A), who views himself much like the Nubian or Kushite (C). You also have the Greek (B) and the Semite(D), these were all the races of Kmt, yet the people who held the power and dominance were the Kemetite people themselves (A) . Notice how the Kushite and Kemetite dress. They view themselves aas the same people almost. They both were alike in mnay ways, much like Britain and America, one gave birth to the other; with the youngest becoming the greatest.)


This statement alone proves that their had to be many "mystery schools" all over Kmt, because they couldnt have held the hundreds of thousands of Greeks that came to these universities.

        This quote from St. Clement alone tells you the enormous influctuation of Greeks into Kmt. This had to have an effect on the population's race. The men of Greece, at some point, had to have had relations with Kmt's women. Moreover, these men had to know the Kemite language in order to read and hear the lectures. All these facts added to the lightening of the Kemetite's skin, and thus the light depiction of men and women on the walls of Kmt. Although there was undoubted race mixing in Kmt, it is very imperative to point out that blacks come in many colors, with many features, having what is deemed "eurocentric features" thousands of years before there was ever a Europe or Greece.

(Notice the many shades the black skin can come in, and also notice that whatever the color, they no doubt would have been lynched and discriminated against in the 1960's.)


        Likewise, I must point out that the men of Kmt must have had relations with the women of Greece, and those offspring that went back to Greece must have had a profound effect on the population as well.


    Kmt's skin was also lightened by the enormous cultural melting pot it was. It is as America is now. Since America is such a superpower now, it has become a melting pot for all races and cultures. European culture is beginning to fade away in the cultures of others, especially that of African American. The African American culture is becoming very poplar in music and movies, and the culture of today's teens are leaning heavily towards the colorful and lively endeavors of the African American children. Whites in America are becoming a minority in their own country, and thus the old American culture is no longer European in nature, but multicultural. This was the same in Kmt. Kmt's lucrative trade, prosperity, and knowledge attracted all surrounding races to live in it. You have countless caravans from the middle east into Kmt. You also had trade routes connecting Asia Minor and the Indus Valley. Kmt had many seaports, and transported goods up and down the nile. Kmt was a tremendous economic eden, with cultures from everywhere settling in it everyday. There is bound to be some mixing going on, and thus you have the lightening of the skin, but I want to point out that the light skinned offspring were still black. I say this because if they were in America today, they would have been discriminated against as African American's were. Moreover, they would have been categorized black or African American.

Take my wife for example, she has a very high degree of indian in her, yet she claims her nationality to be African American:

(Notice the lightness in skin my wife has, and the almost Southeast Asian features my son has. When he was born he looked almost totally Asian. As he grew his skin became much darker and his features more African. As for my wife, she is very light skinned, and has almost "eurocentric features", at times she can look almost like a white woman, yet she claims her nationality as African American. She, because of the darkness of her skin has been discriminated against in this country as well.)


        This race mixing can be seen in America today. It was once forbidden to mix with black people in America, but the influence of black culture on white America has drastically changed the intermixing beliefs. So now in the 90's whites mix with blacks at a very alarming rate. I personally know alot of white women who will only date black men. They have children by these men, and have mixed offspring which would be considered black by today's standards. These offspring also have the same color skin my son has. This same scenario can be equated to the blacks of Kmt. Like America, Kmt's governing class and body were black people, but as it's decline began to occur mixing began to take place, especially with the installation of the Ptolemic dynasty of Alexander the great. In fact Greeks came to Kmt for its wisdom. There have been many books on the comparing of Greek women to the women of Kmt, and how the Greek women wanted to be like the Kemetian women, and vise-versa. This all added to the cultural mixture.

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