Well, if you are reading this info, you must already have an interest in Black history, or are just plain curious. I will assume you will already know most things about the creation of man. But I will start with the most basic foundation that everyone knows. Adam, being the first man, was black. This has been argued for centuries, and the white powers that be have tried feverishly to hide this fact. If you look up Adam in the concordance, the word will mean "redness" or ruddy, another word for red. White people equate their color to redness or ruddiness. This is very true, but I feel very strongly that Adam himself was not ruddy, and that as the Americans and  English have so cunningly perverted the bible to conform to their views, they have also sought to give the appearance through the word of God that the Israelites were white.

    Adam was a black man because he was made from the earth:

    "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground." Genesis 2:7

    All earth is a brown to black color. Now some earth can be a red color, but science confirms that life started in Africa, a place where the soil is rich and black. The ancient Egyptians never called the land Egypt, they called it Kemet," the black land". White historians say that the people of that region called it the black land because of the rich black earth found near the nile, but this is far from the truth. The word Kemet means "The Land of Ham", or "The Land of Black People", because Ham, Noah's son, was black.

    Moreover, there is biblical evidence that all the people of that time were black. When king James (incidentally, did you know King James was black? don't believe me, then click this  ) published his version of the bible, there were originally 80 books of the bible. As America was established, the church fathers of that time took out 12 books. Why? I believe that within these books was historical evidence that God's people were black and not white. Among these books that were omitted from the King James version was a book called The book of Enoch. For all of you who don't know who Enoch was in the bible, let me teach you:

"And all the days of Jared were nine hundred sixty and two years: and he died. And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah: And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters: And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty five years: And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him." Genesis 5: 20-24

    This is all the King James version of the bible has on Enoch, but one of the twelve books of the bible that was taken out, The Book of Enoch, tells of what Enoch did during his walk with God. The book of Enoch is very vital to proving that the people of those days, the children of Adam, were black. This is why I feel that the church fathers took books like these out of the bible, because if these books got into the hands of the church, people would find out that blacks were the true people of Israel; thus causing all that they tought (the white image of Christ, the white people of God, the color white is more righteous than black, etc..) would be a lie. All these books are called the Old Testament Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha.  Now some of these books are books that I feel are a bit untruthful, those being written in greek and latin, but those written in aramaic, hebrew, syrian (those you kinda have to watch too), and ethiopian(Coptic) are very credible. I feel that church people, in order to discredit the apocrypha, added many different narratives that were uninspired, and mingled them with the credible books, thus calling them uninspired by God. The bible clearly tells all of God's people the conditions in which scripture is credible. Read this:

"All scripture [scripture in the dictionary means manuscript, or anything written by hand] is given by inspiration of God, [So we can deduce that the books that were taken out were given by inspiration, or the unction of the Holy Spirit] and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof  [the word reproof means: to speak to in disapproval; rebuke; to disprove. Now the books that I will be using will be for reproof and correction; to disprove what the church fathers have tried so hard to prove. I will be proving that the black man is the true Israelite, and I will disprove that the white man is the true Israelite.] , for correction [The word correction means: a change that makes right a mistake; to point out marks or errors. This is exactly what these books do, and what I am doing so that the people who read this site will know the truth about who the black man was,is, and will be] , for instruction in righteousness [These are the requirements of scriptures that are to be used, or that is inspired by God]: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." II Timothy 3:16-17

Paul was saying that all things written by hand is given by the inspiration of God only if they are profitable in use for teaching doctrine, reproof, and correction for instruction in living according to God's word. Scripture must not deny Christ either, and none of the apocryphal texts that I have read denies Christ, but it does tell of Christ coming. These is how I know that it is of God and inspired. I believe the church fathers tried to hide and then discredit the books because it gives testimony to truth in light of race and the original people of God.

The word apocrypha means "hidden". Now why do you suppose these books were to be hidden? The book of Enoch is not just the only book of the apocrypha. Other books consist of I & II Edras, The book of Jubilees, The testament of Isaac, Jacob, and Abraham, the apocalypse of Elijah, etc...These books give wisdom to history and what really went on during the days of Adam and the 12 patriarchs:

Click this if you would like to know more about the apocrypha, but don't click it until you have finished reading my site.

I will be using scriptures from the apocrypha as I continue throughout this site. It will do you some good to go to any library or seminary nearest to you and look up the old testament apocrypha.

    Now, there is a passage in I Enoch, which describes the color of Noah when he was born, and that he was not like the rest of the people in those days. According to the book of Enoch, Noah was an offspring of fallen angels. The bible talks about angels that fell in the days of Noah. These angles lusted after women and took to them wives and had children, this is how white people began to inhabit the earth, read:

    "And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God [the hebrew says bene elohim, which means sons of God or  in other words angels] saw the daughters of men that they were fair [in hebrew this means attractive; beautiful. Many bible readers interpret the word "fair" as meaning white, but the hebrew word for "fair" means attractive, beautiful]; and they took them wives of which all they chose." Gen 6:2

Now the bible stated, in the King James version, that angels fell from heaven and took to them wives, and from that union offspring were born. This offspring the bible says were from the union of angels and men. Unfortunately, one of the fallen angels took Lamech's wife to have offspring with, read this passage from I Enoch:

"And after some days my son Methuselah took for his son Lamech a wife, and she became pregnant by him and bore a son. And his body was white like snow and red like the flower of a rose [this is why whites call themselves red, because they become red when they blush, or ruddy when they strain themselves in the face]and the hair of his head was white [blond hair...ususally when whites get really old their hair, that was blond, turns white] like wool...and his eyes were beautiful  [often white people have beautiful eyes being hazel, blue, gray, and other colors that make their eyes very pretty and beautiful to look into]; and when he opened his eyes, he made the whole house bright like the sun so that the whole house was exceptionally bright. And when he was taken from the hand of the midwife, he opened his mouth and spoke to the Lord of Righteousness. And his father Lamech was afraid of him [ this is similar to when God cursed Cain. When God cursed him he turned his color a white color so that when people saw him they would be afraid and not kill him] and fled and went to his father Methuselah. And he said to him, I have begotten a strange son; he is not like man[clue number one: man was never supposed to be white. He was never created to have white skin. This is why racism is so, because the devil despised man, being the blackman, because God chose him over the angels. We will discuss this later], but is like the children of the angels of heaven[clue number two: this gives evidence that at that time there were other people on the earth, and these white people were the offspring of angels], of a different type   [whites are of a different type of race then blacks, they are the children of fallen angels. The blackman is what man truly is, or the real image of God. This is why there is racism, because the devil hates that the black man is the true man, and he does it through his seed, the children of the angles of heaven who fell by lusting after the daughters of men], and not like us [us, being man, the original man who is black.]." I Enoch 106:1-5

    So there you have it. Just from this passage alone you can deduce that the there were two types of people in the land, the children of Adam, the original man, being black, and the children of the angels of heaven who fell from grace to have sex with the original "earth" or woman, being black. This is way many bible scholars have said that there were other people in the garden of Eden. If this is true, then we can quickly deduce that Adam's seed, which was the original people of God, were black because in the book of Enoch, Enoch tells the reader that the offspring of angels were "not like man." and whose "body was white like snow." This is why racism exists today, because the devil envies man, the black man.

    There are other scriptures in the apocrypha to prove that the first man was black. I hope that now you are beginning to see why these books are not incorporated into the canon, or the 66 books of the King James version we now have. There is a book called Baruch. Baruch was a scribe in the old testament that was commanded by Jeremiah to write the prophecies of his mouth. Well, as Baruch became mature in the Lord he wrote an account consisting of three books. In the third book of Baruch there is an account on why satan fell from heaven. The King James version of the 66 books we now study which only tells part of the story as to why satan fell, this is why these books were taken out so that the whole truth would not be known. This is what the King James version, or the canon (the 66 book bible we have here in America) says about Satan's or Lucifer's fall:

"How art thou fallen O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground[earth], which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High" Isaiah 14:24

This scripture gives us an account of the nature of Lucifer, Sataniel, or Satan (all means the same thing). Satan envies God's glory (The Holy Spirit; the Shekinah, God's emanating power; His divine Essence), His kingdom, and His throne. This is why he wants to be like the Most High. But this scripture does not gives us the full reason as to why Satan wants to be like the most high. All throughout the canon (the bible we have here in American that is in every church including black ones) you never read why Satan fell, but the books that were hidden from the masses tells why:

"And he said to Michael. sound the trumpet for the angels to assemble and bow down to the work of my hands which I made [ this work is the making of man, the original man, the black man, which is the similitude of God, or God's likeness. This is why 5%'ers believe that the blackman is God]. And the angel Michael sounded the trumpet, and all the angels assembled, and all bowed down to Adam [ wait a minuet, Adam is being worshipped? A man is being worshipped? Why? Because he had the likeness of God. He was black. I'll prove it to you read on.] order by order. But Sataniel did not bow dow and said, To mud [mud is black. Go water the grass, and let that water flood the grass, soon you will have mud, and that mud will be black]and dirt  [dirt is brown] I will never bow down. And he said "I will establish my throne above the clouds and I will be like the highest. (Isa 14:24)  Because of that, God cast him and his angels from His face just as the prophet said, "These withdrew from his face, all who hate God and the glory of God [meaning man, the black man] " (Ps. 67:2). And God commanded an angel to guard Paradise.

    Now what? Satan didn't want to worship the image of God, man, because he was black and fleshly. Man was first made black, being abased, humble, not as magical as angels, but held the glory (presence) of God in him powerfully.And because man had the power and presence of God, the angels marveled at how the Holy Spirit emitted from him more powerfully than any other being. God alone made man, the original man, being black, more powerful than any being including Satan. The black man had the the glory of God on the inside of him because he was the likeness of God. Racism started at Man's, the blackman's, creation. Satan hated him for two reasons:

1.) The color of man's skin:   Man was made from mud, therefore Satan did not want to worship him. This can be attributed to common times. Why do you think the white man must make everything after his image or likeness( color)? He has fashioned a white Jesus, when he knew Jesus was black. He has white washed our religious system. He used christianity, an originally black faith, and turned into his own believe system, using it to justify his acts. He has made all people in the religious stories white. This can be seen when we read or see biblical stories in books or on television. This is because the white man cannot stand the image of the black man, for the image of the white man is the image of a fallen angel, being Lucifer , and the image of the black man is the image of God.

2.) The presence of God in man:  The blackman, being the original man, has the presence of God in him. This presence is power. Power is something the white man has sought after since he has been on this earth. He wants control, and power. Just think about corporations and governments that he has set up.
    Why do you think when blacks are in church they catch the Holy Ghost so much? If you go to a white church, there is no spirit. Choirs are not as lively as black church's. People don't run around the church catching the holy spirit, because the white is devoid of the presence of God. Have you ever went to a black  baptist church, or a charismatic church? Remember when the preacher would preach or the choir would sing, and some lady would yell out to the Lord. Or the preacher would lay hands on people and they would fall out or yell out with their bodies gyrating as if they are being shocked? This is because black people have the presence of God in them. The presence of God is His essence, something the white man has not. This is why you rarely see, unless you go to a charismatic church, a strong move of God. If you go to a white protestant, or catholic church, you will be in service for only one hour, and the spirit of boredom will be so strong you will almost fall asleep.This is not the case for every white church, but it is for the majority. On the other hand, at black churches, we will be in for hours, and there is always some move of God.This is because the presence of God is innate in us. It is inherent in our race.

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