Black women come in all shapes; from skinny to thick. Black women can be skinny with thick thighs to thick with skinny thighs:

(here is the picture of a darker cmplexioned black woman compared to that of a lighter.Note: both are skinny These women both could be a women who have lived thousands of years ago in Kmt.)

(Notice how nice and thick she is. In today's black community of America, thick is considered very sexy, as opposed to the eurocentric definition of beauty, which expresses skinniness and small bossoms and backsides.)

(The very sexy Salli Richardson goes to show you that not all African American women look, "black" as the eurocentric historians define us to be.


    What would the woman of Kmt look like if she was here today. Well, they all ranged in color in the depictions of Kmt. Many were black in color. There has been many defiled depiction of images in Kmt. I feeel that this is done very purposely so that whites can say that the Kemetites were not black. Napoleon went to Kmt with many historians and scholars, and they destroyed many images, although the his-story books say that he destroyed these images, jewlry, and art because he was careless and didnt take his time. I find this very hard to believe, because many french scholars later admitted to the images and accomplishments of Kmt as being black.

"This race of black the very race to which we owe our arts, our sciences, and even the use of speech!" Ruins of Empires, Count C. Volney 1787

    His book, was later retranslated for those scholars in America that changes the wording of his famous quote. Moreover, scholars try to say that Neopleon destroyed alot of things because he was in a hurry, but this is not true because had he not stayed in Kmt too long, he would have won the battle of Waterloo.
    Anyway, from careful study of the true depictions of Kemetian art:


It becomes plan to see that the women were black women, and many had short hair. Well, since the people of Eygpt now are not the people of Kmt who lived there thousands of years ago (because they wer conquered many times over by different white naitons), it is hard for us to see who the real women looked like. The closest link we have to the women of Kmt are the women of Ethiopia. This is because they were extremely close to one another. They were sister nations, both having pyramids, and oblisks, which denote tha same religious beliefs. We know also that the women of Kmt were skinny, because of their diets. They also had slinder faces, and stright noses. This similarity, in today's society can be onlt found in two places, African America and Ethiopia:


(These women are the closet resemblance to how the women of Kmt looked in their day. I got these pictures off an Asian dating service, called the heart of Asia. They have pictures from every where all over the world, but they specialize in mainly Asian women. Wel, I decided to check out the women from Africa, and got these beautiful young Queens, all no older that 23. My personal favorite is the one in the middle. She represents all that is Kemetic according to images, not because she is the darkest, but because she fulfills all the characteristics. Notcie her neck, how londg it is, and how much it seperates her head from her body. Look at her lips and her nose. And that face, how perfectly oval and elipitical it is. She is truely beautiful, and perfectly African. My second favorite is the one on the right. Look at her neck, cheekbones, and even her skin. She is light skinned, yet she lives in Afirca. All the women have long ncks high cheekbones and Kemetite eyes. they dont have thick lips, although this is very evident in Kemet, but they do have very smooth and swarthy skin. Beautiful!!!)

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