Just what are black features? How can we distinguish black features, or features of African peoples from those all around the world? Well, the answer is, you can't; the skin is the only giveaway. There is no way you can disquish a black man from any other man on this earth. When I say this, I say this as by saying, distinguishing the black race from another race collectively. The black race, collectively, have all the features, intellectual and physical, as all the other races on this earth. Now, if you want to break this collective body of black people down, you would find that features differ based on location (in Africa). So for example, if you were to look at all the blacks in South Africa and compare them to blacks in North America, then you would find a difference in featurtes. Africans in the Sub Saharan desert tend to have flat noses and thicker lips. People in the North Africa tend to have skinnier noses and sometimes thick to skinnier lips. People in the Eastern part of the continent tend to have a well rounded panorama of features (this bears witness to the fact that life started in East Africa). So it is easy to see that features, in Africa, change based on location.

(Rarely do whites have thick sized lips, high cheek bones, and long slender faces. Whites in Africa having full sized lips and high cheeks bones is even more scarce. This is a picture of the world's first monotheist, Aken. He revolutionized Kemetic worship by woshipping only one god, Ra, the sun. This is not what awes me, but what awes me is that he bears a striking resemblance to the black supermmodel, Tyson Beckford. Although the shots were taken at different angles, you can clearly see the similarity of Aken with Tyson. Notice the lips and the cheekbones. The jaw line and the chin. You can see that Aken has a slightly more pronounced chin, nose and cheekbones, but you can clearly see the evidence that they both look very similar.  If you were to look at them at normal size, the similarites are mind blowing.)

    It is worthy to note that black people come in all shapes and sizes; shades and colors. I think it very important that euro-historians recognize this when writting books, and giving lectures. Our features come in thick lips, thin lips, light skin, black skin, fine features, lax features, and all the features that represnt the world.  What I have found is the blacks dont fulfil the euro-centric definition, whites fulfil the African definition:


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