Hello, and welcome to my website. I first want to extend my very best hospitality to those scholars and knowledge seekers that have decided to come to my website. I pray that it will change your thinking about why the foundation of history is changing towards a more Afrocentric view. There has been alot of controversy that surrounds this new, and more often than not, very true view of history. This controversy can best be seen in Mary Lefkowitz's attack on Afrocentric history. But contrary to popular belief, "Afrocentrism" is very beneficial and enlightening, because it dispells alot of the lies that are taught in classes, colleges, and scholarly circles around America and Europe.

    It has come to my attention that many European (white) professors have sought to teach a very Eurocentric view of history. I have taken many history classes throughout my life, not to be a smarter student, but to learn  what role blacks played throughout history and biblical history. As I have effectually searched for much of my adult life (by the way, Im not that old, Im 23. So from 17 to 23 is how long I have been interested in the role of blacks in histroy and the bible.),  I have studied until my eyes have bulged out to know what role blacks have played in history. I have always came up with ziltch in my research, and I became extremely frustrated and angry, because my people didnt have a signifigant role in history. As I studied on, I realized that all my research was in vain, because I was studying from historical and biblical texts (besides the bible, but in many cases the bible too)  that were extremely biased towards blacks in general, thus seeking to omitt or change their character in such a way that seemed European or Hellenistic. I have always known in my heart that much of the American historical foundation has been "white" in content, only seeking to glorify the historical achievements of  nations, villages, tribes, and empires that were either hellenistic or thought to be slightly European in culture.  I can understand why this was done. It is my undertanding that whites started America, and they saw a nation for only whites, not knowing blacks will eventually gain very prominent dominance in "their" society (however prophetic it may be). So I harbored no bitterness towards the white historical systems, except for the fact that it has feverishly, now in the 90's after all that has happened between whites and blacks, sought to keep the role of blacks out of textbooks, courses, and lectures primarily in high schools and colleges across America. By this alone God allowed me to see the stiff-necked attitude of the historical institution of America has towards blacks in American history, ancient history, and even biblical history.

    So then, now in the late 90's, as I began being a college student (and an excellent biblical and historical scholar I might add *wink*), new information began to arise about the roles blacks played in history, primarily ancient history of the near and middle east. In knowing that the institution of scholastic and biblical history was founded on racist ideals, and an ardent campaign to teach the populus of this country only those items or situations of history that appear to be Hellenized, I moved my research to less biased concentration. This research was called the "Afrocentric" movement. I began reading  websites, books, and articles that support an "Afrocentric view." This view teaches that American and European history is not always correct in its depiction of civilizations and biblical situations. Moreover, it teaches that blacks have had a very rich and dominant history throughout the world, which I find very easy to believe since its so scarce in the American historic institutions. I found that blacks in history are not just limited to the western, eastern, southern, and northern regions of Africa. I found that they were the very source of wealth in this country's genesis. Blacks were the rulers of Egypt when it was the world's most dominant power. I soon had to unlearn all that the American historical community had taught me, and "real-ize" that blacks were the true originators of civilization and religion, however untrue European history seeks ardently to make it.

    So I dont make this website to say that blacks started many of the practices of modern society, therefore we are the dominat race, but I did design this website to raise eyebrows and make those scholars that read this site say..."He's lying; thats not true." My goal for this site is to provoke thought and make professors, students, and common men, especially those that are skeptical, to ponder this site's validity, and to really think about how the historical institution of America has changed and omitted the heritage and gifts blacks has given to European societies, ancient and modern alike. Thank you for reading, please sign my guestbook for feedback.

NOTE:  I have sent this website to many scholars and professors of my university. Since my site is very controversial, I have decided to keep my identity unidentified. The campus of Central Michigan University is located in a predominantly republican and racist town. Many professors are staunch believers of European views, which is not wrong, considering that they are white, but many of these views are racist.  Moreover, I am aspiring to be a very prominent member of society, and  my academic career will remain victorious, smooth and uninterupted.

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